Advantages of Wet Concrete Batching Plants

A wet concrete batching plant is becoming pretty well-known in most construction sites nowadays. The reason for the rising popularity is the various benefits of the plants. Almost all construction sites have their own batching plant on account of the progression of the equipment for concrete production. A batching plant assures a continuous flow of high-quality mixture of concrete on the site.


Any construction work is done much sooner if companies utilize a continuous source of modified concrete mix. This is one of the big advantages of having a concrete batching plant on the construction site. Until another company delivers concrete on the site, the workers would not be able to do any work if ever they ran out of concrete.

No time is lost in using the concrete generated by a wet mix concrete batch plant.

wet mix concrete batch plant

Increase Productivity

An on-site batching plant increases the productivity of the team by a larger factor. The company using a batching plant will never have any delays anymore in meeting the client’s deadlines if they have a batching plant on-site. The client could rely on the services provided since it is likely to provide a continuous flow of concrete for the on-going project. Everything is done even before the deadline just because the plant in the project helps a lot.

The workers will not idle anymore due to lack of work. In addition to that, a concrete batching plant on-site might help improve the productivity of every company. You can learn more detailed info about it on this website on construction machinery.


An on-site batching plant allows a company to generate a concrete depending on the specifications required. Because of this, a batching plant frequently ensures a constant source of high-quality concrete in the construction sites. As what we have mentioned above, it greatly increases the productivity and efficiency of the respective construction site.

Consistent Quality

One of the main advantages of a wet concrete batching plant is the consistent quality that it provides. For a wet batching plant, concrete is mixed in a location that is convenient for the company. This means that the concrete is actually combined in huge batches that results in a constant quality for the final product, aside from providing great efficiency.

On the other hand, the dry mix concrete batching plant does not really deliver constant quality since the concrete’s quality is determined by each truck driver. A lot of professionals observed that dry batching plants frequently result in issues, such as concrete balling. However, with wet batching plant, no such issue happens.

Because of the popularity of the wet batching plants, a lot of manufacturers are abusing it, selling low-quality equipment for a low price. Looking online is one way to know how trustworthy the manufacturer is. Each professional manufacturer has their own sites where they put the list of the different forms of concrete batching plants.

In conclusion, a wet concrete mixing plant provides a lot of benefits than a dry concrete mixing plant in certain conditions. Thus, if a company happens to require a lot of concrete on the construction project, a wet batching plant is a great investment.

The Application Scope For Ready Mix Concrete Plants

Ready mix concrete is one of the most common products that is used on a construction site. It allows you to build the foundation for any structure that you are going to produce. Some of the businesses that create this product will have large stationary units. They will not only make the concrete per specifications for each customer, but deliver the concrete as well. There are many applications for using ready mix concrete plants (concreto premezclado). On foundations are just one of them. This is a quick overview of the many useful reasons for having your own concrete plant that produces ready mix concrete.

The Application Scope For Ready Mix Concrete Plants
The Application Scope For Ready Mix Concrete Plants

Allows You To Be In Control

A ready mix concrete plant that you own will provide you with full control. You won’t have to be at the whim of those that will produce it for you. You may give them exact instructions on how much aggregate material, water, and concrete to use, but it may not come out the way that you want. You may also be delayed if they are currently backlogged on orders that they need to fulfill for local businesses in your area. Although the investment can be substantial, you will be better off having your own concrete plant for ready mix concrete production (producción de concreto).

Help You Save Money

One of the largest costs of ordering ready mix concrete is that you are paying for the service. The cost of the actual materials is very minimal by comparison. Therefore, by spending a substantial amount of money on your own plant, you will save money with each and every job that you do. This is why many people decide to spend money on a plant that they will have full control of, even though the initial investment is quite substantial. However, there are ways to find businesses that can create one for you at an affordable price.

The Application Scope For Ready Mix Concrete Plants
The Application Scope For Ready Mix Concrete Plants

Allows You To Expand Your Company

The application scope for owning your own ready mix concrete plant is quite large, and one of the best applications is in regard to your business. Regardless of the type of jobs that you are doing, or how much concrete you will need, you will be able to expand your company by taking on more clients. Even better, you could be the supplier for local businesses that are also in need of ready mix concrete. Having this benefit alone can be quite advantageous, allowing you to generate more revenue from both individuals and businesses in your community that will take advantage of your services.

There are so many applications open to those that own their own ready mix concrete plant. You may not realize how easy it will be to find one. The apprehension ( detención) that many people have in making this investment is that it can be extremely expensive. That’s why comparing companies that make these, and getting estimates from all of them, is the first step toward being free from the businesses that are producing your ready mix for you right now. It might be a very affordable investment, one that will easily pay for itself in a few years, all the while giving you full control.

How To Get A List Of Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers To Consider

Finding the right concrete batching plant can make you dizzy with all the choices. Do you want to have a wide variety of options so you can get the best price and all the features you want? Here are some of the resources you can use and a few of the top listed companies on each list.

If you are based in the USA, you are probably already familiar with the Thomas Directory, or Thomas Network. It is the largest resource for industrial equipment in the USA. If you are wanting to source a concrete plant from a US based company, this is a great starting point.

Just a quick glance on the Thomas Network and you can find over 30 different manufacturers of concrete plants. There are manufacturers scattered across the USA, so you should be able to find one based near you. Here are a few of the top listed companies:

HZS50 small concrete batching plant
HZS50 small concrete batching plant

Top concrete batching plant in the world

Stephens Manufacturing from Tompkinsville, Kentucky – They build both stationary and portable concrete plants.

Fast-Way/Ideal Manufacturing based out of Billings, Montana – This company builds both 6 yard and 11-yard batch plants.

MCT Supply, Inc. from Buford, Georgia – This company makes plants for almost any application, including for the prestressed concrete industry.

As you can see by this short listing, you should be able to find a manufacturer to meet your needs.

If you are outside the USA or want to explore other options, we suggest you check out a website aptly named Made-In-China. They list batch plants from a wide variety of manufacturers based in China, who ship plants to all parts of the world, with a high focus on other Asian countries.

We will give you a short list of a few manufacturers to see what we are talking about.

YHZS35 mobile concrete plant
YHZS35 mobile concrete plant

Learn more about AIMIX GROUP

Zhengzhou AIMIX Machinery Made Company – Henan, China – Yes, the name is almost the same, but this is a different company also based in Henan. They manufacture a wide array of concrete plants at very low prices: One of their best sellers is a 35 cubic meter per hour fully automatic mobile concrete plant.

As you can see by just these two different directories, it is possible to find batching plant manufacturers in almost any area of the world, and with a wide range of price options. We suggest you explore both of these resources to get an idea of what you can buy within your budget.

If you are in another part of the world, just do a quick search for concrete batching plant manufacturers in your country. You will find a directory similar to these in most larger countries or economic regions. A directory can help you quickly choose the right manufacturer and find the best price possible.

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